Angels Rest


Angels Rest Columbarium was consecrated on October 10, 2009, by Bishop James Wall of the Diocese of Gallup. It is the only blessed and consecrated final resting place for the cremated remains of people of all faiths in the White Mountains.

"Angels Rest" offers the beauty and serenity to pray and meditate with, and for deceased loved ones.



Angels Rest

Three curved monuments of black and white granite hold 408 niches. Each 12x12x12-inch niche can accommodate up to two urns. The cost per niche is a one-time contribution to St. Mary of the Angels of $2,000. The price includes the Columbarium niche, the granite nameplate, the engraving of the nameplate, the opening and closing of the niche for interment of one or two urns and year-around perpetual care of the Columbarium and adjacent grounds.

To purchase a niche in the Columbarium or for more information, please call Arleen Caruth at (928) 367-2080.

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Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Personal Check.



Once arrangements have been made with the mortuary, Parishioners should contact the parish office at (928) 367-2080 to schedule an appointment to plan the services for the deceased.